Pallet collection delivery service

You could save more time and money using a pallet service for collection and deliveries

When it comes to moving large, heavy or bulky items most people book the service of a transporter or “man and van”. This works well for most items, transport is arranged you’re your goods delivered. Delivery Quote Compares market place offers access to thousands of transporters providing reliable and cost effective transport.

However low the quotes we can find for you, you may find that palletising your goods could be far simpler and easier than individual transport. Pallet movements are cheaper as they can be collected with other goods and transported through national distribution network.

This adds flexibility and more choice over collection and delivery times and dates including options of next day and weekends.Heavy goods vehicle

Can I use a pallet service?

Most people assume that only businesses moving goods can take advantage of this method of transport. This is not the case. You can use a pallet service if:

  • Your goods fit onto a standard UK pallet
  • If it weighs under 1200 kgs

Partnering with one of the UK’s largest pallet networks, Delivery Quote Compare can collect and deliver pallets, fully insured and for a highly competitive price, often less than you think.

Pallet truckAll pallet collections and deliveries are carried out by a uniformed driver using professional equipment such as a pump truck and tail lift on their vehicles making it the hassle free easy way to move your items.

A key aspect to pallet deliveries is obviously…… putting your goods on a pallet.

So, where can I get a pallet from?

You can buy pallets online with next day delivery for about £40, even with the pallet service cost this can still be cheaper than dedicated transport; however most local shops end up being left with pallets from deliveries and will happily allow you to take them away free of charge.

Once you have your pallet you need to secure your items to ensure they are safe for transit.pallet shrink wrap

There are various ways of doing this, for lighter items such as boxes you can use shrink wrap.

For heavier items straps or rope would normally be required.

Remember your pallet will be loaded and unloaded a couple of times between collection and delivery, so making sure it’s securely packed is essential.


strapped palletWhat can go on a pallet?

Pretty much anything can go on a pallet provided it’s safe for transport, if it’s dangerous goods, chemicals or food stock call our helpline for advice first 0808 169 2000

If its industrial goods such as an engine they should be drained of all oils and fluids first.

When preparing your pallet please make sure your items fit within it’s 1.2m x 1m footprint, if the items overhang this will be charged per additional pallet space. For example, if the pallet is 1.3m x 1m this would be classed as 2 pallets. If you’re unsure your pallet is suitable please contact a member of the Delivery Quote Compare team who will be able to advise.

Collection and delivery

Pallets are normally scheduled for collection between 9am and 12:30 pm on the pre-arranged collection day. To ensure smooth collection any restricted access, keys or door codes must be provided before collection. Also, pallets need to be on hard standing ground so a pump truck can move freely, Pallets on gravel drives or grass are unable to be collected.

The same rules apply at the delivery point, with delivery times typically between 12:30pm and 5pm, your goods will be delivered with a check sheet for inspection to accept the goods.



Palletising is one of the easiest and most secure ways of moving goods, however if the unexpected happens all pallets collected by Delivery Quote Compare are fully insured to the value of £1 per 1kg in weight, this can be easily be upgraded to £5 per kg for an extra £1.

If you require a higher level of insurance, please contact a member of the DQC team for a custom quote.

Pallet transport isn’t for everyone, your Antique mirror or 12ft by 12ft fence panels aren’t really recommended, or possible, for this kind of moving our quote comparison market place is still the most cost effective and reliable way to arrange transport. But if it fits the criteria using a pallet, or pallets can be a quicker, simpler and even cheaper option to use.

For advice or to check if this is a suitable option for you visit

Or call our helpline 0808-169-2000 for more information.














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