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Green Packaging – Are you concerned about your carbon footprint and the impact you have on the environment? Your aim to have as sustainable and eco-friendly a lifestyle can be problematic when you’re moving to a new house. That’s because, in order to move to a new house, you need to put all of your belongings into boxes, and perhaps in the past when you’ve moved that’s meant ordering boxes online.

There are ways that you can have greener packaging though, if you put a little extra thought and planning into the removal process and actually think outside the box. In the following post, we will give you some top tips for green packaging that will help not only reduce the negative impact you have on the environment but reduce your moving costs somewhat.

Reuses Boxes from Supermarkets

If you’ve never done it before, it might feel a little weird at first, but trust us, all supermarkets expect customers to at some point to come in and ask for cardboard boxes. In fact, it’s doing the supermarket a favour at meeting their recycling gaols. Most boxes that are used to delivery goods to the shops can’t be used again in store. Therefore, they’re just waiting to be taken away, and if they’re not, they’re crushed down and sent off to be recycled anyway.

Although it’s a bit of a pot luck as to the size of the boxes you get, if you do it with enough time in advance, you should be able to collect together enough boxes to pack away your home.

If the supermarkets don’t have enough and you’re forced to source some boxes try Green Finder who can point you in the direction of ethical and eco green packaging providers.

Old Newspapers

Do you still read a newspaper? Does anyone? Well, some people must, because they’re still sold in newsagents, supermarkets and other shops up and down the country. Even if you don’t, you might be able to find a relative or neighbour who has some. They are great for using as packaging when you’re moving to a new house. Particularly, valuables like ceramics, glass and other fragile items.

It’s a lot more cost-effective to than buying new wrapping paper and bubble wrap, that’s for sure.  Also, as you are repurposing the newspaper as packaging, you are helping to reduce needlessly throwing away things.

Clothes (Whether Old or New)

Clearly, you’re not just going to be packing up your valuables and sending them on to your new home but leaving your clothes behind. Therefore, you could kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, and use some of your clothes to wrap around the delicate and fragile items you need to pack up. For extra protection, if space permits, you could even wrap them up in newspapers first and then clothing to ensure they don’t move.

An even better idea would be if you have clothes you are going to throw away when you’re moving out, you could keep some back and get one more use from them.

To get quotes for moving your packages or house move visit our home page to get quotes from trusted transporters who can save more carbon by utilising empty space or return journeys and ave you up to 70% based on the cost of traditional transport methods.

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