Removals To Spain

While this January is milder than we normally expect, that doesn’t mean that the lure of sun, sand and surf isn’t just as strong, particularly with the never-ending grey cloud and the perpetual drizzle we currently seem to be living under here in the UK. In fact, if you’re thinking of packing in the dreary British weather for somewhere like Spain, then you’re definitely not alone.

It’s always been something we here in the UK use as a promise to ourselves; that at some point we’ll move to Spain and life will be better. If you’re fed up of waiting, then moving doesn’t have to be as difficult as you may think. Here at, we can help you get a great price on your removals to Spain without the need to go round the houses.

Simply input your details on our site, it’ll only take a few minutes. Tell us as much information as you can, our form will ask you for details on furniture, number and size of boxes and when you want to move, then you’ll start getting quotes from companies bidding for your business. It’s important you choose someone that’s got experience moving abroad, which may make them a company based some distance from your home. Use the customer review section to check on each company’s service record and to make sure that the one you choose will fit the bill.

You can also request that the removals company help you pack and unpack your belongings should you need it, there will be an additional cost involved, so if you’d prefer to have them just collect, move and deliver, you’ll need to make sure everything’s carefully packaged up. If money saving is a priority, and you don’t have a lot of stuff to take with you, you may be able to pay for a part load, meaning you’ll share a vehicle with someone else (or rather, your belongings will). You may need to be a little more flexible on dates and times for delivery, but the reduction in cost could be worth it.

Most importantly, you want to check in to the insurance offered with any quote. Making sure that your personal belongings and furniture are covered against any worse case scenarios without leaving you out of pocket is vitally important. Check that the value of your items doesn’t exceed the value the company you’ve chosen will cover, and request additional insurance cover if needed.


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