Motorway speed limit to be geared up?

Couriers and transport companies could find the motorways moving much faster by 2013.

The government has proposed a public consultation to increase the speed limit on the country’s motorways to 80mph, due to advances in vehicle safety and technology. However, there are no plans to increase the limit for lorries above 7.5 tonnes, which will remain at 60mph.

There are of course pros and cons with this proposal; with many people divided in their opinion. An increase, even of just 10mph, is likely to significantly reduce MPG costing people much more, and with another 4p fuel duty rise coming soon it could prove detrimental to many businesses. Although the prospect of being able to deliver quicker, and therefore more, may counteract this especially for pallet delivery and other low margin delivery services.

Will a 10mph increase mean much for couriers who use the motorway on a daily basis?

Are you a haulier, what’s your opinion on the idea that other traffic could be moving a third faster than you?

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