Do you pay attention to traffic information?

MPs have suggested that road users need to be more alert to traffic reports to reduce congestion on the country’s roads. As a courier or transport provider do you have an ‘I know better’ complex or do you always heed the advice of the radio or matrix signs?

Photo courtesy of Highways Agency

Photo courtesy of Highways Agency

As part of the Out Of The Jam: Reducing congestion on our roads report MPs looked at ways to ease bottlenecks and delays on the UK’s roads – with some suggestions that if nothing is done congestion will cost the UK economy £24m per year by 2025.

Suggestions included more demanding driving tests, stricter adherence to the Highway Code and better co-ordination between councils, highways agencies and maintenance companies.

Committee chair Louise Ellman said; “Improving the way we manage road space so that the network runs more smoothly is vital to the prosperity of the nation. Pursuing this challenge should form a key plank of central government transport policy.”

Do you think these measures would help you in your day to day job? Or are there other things you feel would be more effective? Let us know by commenting below.

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