April fuel day is gathering pace

We’ve all seen the price at the pumps rocket over the last few weeks/months/years, but it’s set to go up again next month when the government adds another 1p to the fuel duty.

Earlier this month Fair Fuel UK handed over a petition to Downing Street with over 120,000 signatures on it, urging parliament not to increase the duty. But let’s face it even without the tax rise we’re still careering towards the £2 a litre mark, putting the livelihoods of thousands of couriers and owner drivers at risk.

A protest organised on Facebook is gathering pace with almost half a million people planning to boycott petrol stations on April 1st.  This isn’t aimed at upsetting the profit margins of petrol stations (although the organisers acknowledge this is inevitable), but to show them, and the government, just how much the soaring prices are affecting people.

Couriers are being held over a barrel (excuse the pun) as they have no choice but to fill up and pay the ludicrous fuel prices – some are reporting that costs have risen by 40%. Unfortunately many courier services don’t believe they can pass on the extra costs to their customers, for fear of losing custom, so they are absorbing the costs themselves.

Will you be joining the protest?

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