Motorway Food

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Motorway Food. It can be hard for removals men and transporters to make sensible food choices on the road. Particularly as when you’ve got a tight schedule to keep to, it’s not like you can stop and have a nice plate of salad or something rich and filling like a bowl of pasta. Inevitably, therefore, that means the good old Ginsters pasties and other convenient, but decidedly unhealthy food is consumed.

Although guzzling numerous energy drinks and eating sausage rolls, greasy burgers and easy to manage food may feel like it’s giving you all you need to handle those long journeys, is it really the best thing to be eating?

We think you know the answer we’re going to give – no, it really isn’t. The type of carbs and protein in these kinds of foods is only good for a short amount of time, so rather than getting a nice shot of energy that will last a good few hours, you’ll often find your hungry much quicker. To give you some help making better food choices on the road, we’ve highlighted so easy to prepare and healthier, but also tasty options.

These can be broken down into their relevant food groups, as follow:

  • Drinks – mineral water (plenty of it), coffee and lemonade
  • Carbs – chewing gum, energy bars and dark chocolate
  • Proteins – hard cheese, hard boiled eggs and other things like beef jerky
  • Nuts – peanuts, walnuts and almonds
  • Fresh fruit and veg – celery sticks, bell peppers, radishes, avocado, carrots, oranges, bananas, pears and apples

Keep Yourself Hydrated

You’ve probably been told it numerous times before, but energy drinks are not a suitable substitute for drinking good old-fashioned mineral water. That should always be the fluid you primarily drink, particularly when travelling long distances. Making sure you have enough water flowing through your system helps your body to function better and improves your alertness and reaction times.

If you really need to have coffee, you can do that, but don’t go too overboard as too much caffeine is never a good thing.

Although it’s best that you avoid carbonated drinks, lemonade is perhaps the safest option. You can even make on at home using some freshly squeezed lemons and honey.


Driving can be monotonous and a bit dull, so its always a good idea to keep yourself focused by enjoying some snacks. Healthy ones though. Dark chocolate is not nearly as unhealthy as milk or other varieties. Break some into chunks and eat it at regular intervals.

Hard Boiled Eggs and other Proteins

We all need protein, but even more so when you’re helping a customer move and there’s a lot of heavy lifting involved at either side of the journey. Hard boiled eggs, ignoring the small, are a great source of healthy protein, as is items like beef jerky, cooked chicken and hard cheese like cheddar. Mixed nuts are also a handy source of protein for on the road.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Fruit and veg are perfect for eating on the road because they are portable and don’t really require much else other than your hands. If you’re going to have vegetables, you could cut them into crudities and dip them into your favourite sauce to make them more palatable.

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