Moving Within Europe

No-one really is going to be surprised that it costs a lot of money when moving within Europe. Given that it’s expensive enough to move around the corner, let alone from one part of the UK to another, it’s hardly surprising that moving to mainland Europe, across the channel, is going to see the costs increase dramatically.

If you’re planning to move to Europe, then, it pays to know more about what you need to factor into your budgeting. And that’s what we’re going to look at in the following post.

Costs of Transportation and Moving

Without a doubt, the biggest cost you face when moving abroad is finding a suitable man and a van or international moving company who can help get your household items and belongings from your old house to your new one. Some of the main factors to take into consideration when working these costs include:

  • Move Size – It makes sense that the cost of a move will be determined by the size of the move. That counts both for volume and weight. Groupage is a great way to reduce the expenses somewhat, if you don’t have a full load.
  • Distance of Move – The further away you are moving, the more it will cost
  • The Route – Depending on the route you take, whether it’s a popular one or a rarer one, the prices will vary. More common routes can result in cheaper rates because of all the competition.
  • Method of Transportation – A huge factor in the cost is the transportation method you use. While shipping is the cheapest, transporting by air costs more. Trucks will always be involved in the first and last parts of the move, though. You also need to think about whether you’re going to travel with your stuff or separately and trust it to arrive safely.

Costs of Packing and Unpacking

You need to check the different moving companies you get quotes from, as some charge extra for packing and unpacking, while others don’t. Regardless, there are some countries if you’re moving to them that there’ll be a cost involved for this. Mainly because customs documents for countries require that moving companies vouch for imported goods to ensure there’s nothing illegal is shipped out.

Insurance for Moving

While the quote given by many companies includes the insurance, many others don’t. Regardless, it’s important to be sure you understand what any insurance coverage they offer includes and what it doesn’t. If you’re going down the route of taking a ferry or sending them by sea, you should have some maritime insurance too.

Costs of Storage

Although it’s best if you can move at the same time as you transport your stuff. It may not be possible to align all the moving and transportation dates to the same time period. Even if you can, you just many not have the budget or space for some of your belongings and therefore will have to factor in storage costs when planning your move.

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