Better Breakfast Alternatives For Truck Drivers

How many times have you been told that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”? If the answer to this is plenty then the reason for this is that it’s true. By eating a healthy balanced breakfast it actually helps you to make healthier choices throughout the rest of the day. An ideal breakfast is one that is high in protein and fibre, as this will give you the energy to make it through until lunchtime.

Whilst breakfast is crucial for everyone, it’s even more so for truck drivers. If they eat a breakfast that’s full of sugar and high in carbohydrates then this will lead to a quick sugar crash. If you’ve already been on the road for a number of hours and still have plenty more to go, then the last thing that you want is to be feeling tired mid-morning even after having breakfast.

A nutritious breakfast that would provide a truck driver with everything that they need to get them through the morning doesn’t have to take long to make, so that can’t be used as an excuse. The following suggestions are healthy alternatives to a trucker normal breakfast regime –

Greek Omelette

Greek yoghurt is high in protein making it a great breakfast food. It’s only about 20 calories more than regular yoghurt, but contains twice the protein! You can opt for a plain cup of Greek yoghurt and mix up your own fresh fruit in it. You could also use it in a smoothie, or mix some tomatoes with it and use it as a creamy sauce in a homemade omelette.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

They’re a little high in saturated fat, but hard-boiled eggs make a great, high-protein breakfast. You could prepare hard-boiled eggs ahead of time, or keep eggs in your truck and make your own scrambled eggs in the microwave (just crack into a microwave-safe mug or bowl and heat for about a minute).

Wholemeal Toast and Peanut Butter

If you go the toast route, make sure you’re using 100% wholemeal toast — it has more fibre and nutrients than white bread. Wholemeal is a complex carbohydrate and will take longer for you to digest, keeping you full and energized longer. Top it with some peanut butter for a high protein morning meal.

Protein/Cereal Bars

Protein and cereal bars are another good on-the-go breakfast food, but you have to be really careful about what’s in them. They can be high in protein but laced with added sugar which won’t do too much to boost your energy in the morning. Look for ones that also have fibre in them.


Fruit is an old tried and true breakfast food if you’re in a hurry. It’s sweet and doesn’t contain added sugars that make you sluggish.

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