How long does it take to send a parcel to Australia?

There are a number of different types of service you can use to send a parcel overseas, choosing which one to use will determine the timescale for delivery of your package, but also depends on a variety of different factors that may be out of your control.

Some companies restrict their services to specific size and weight packages, and the different choices of international services are no different. You are required to ensure that the contents of the package are sufficiently protected, which may have an impact on the overall size and weight of the consignment. Once you know the finished size and weight, you’ll be better placed to choose a service suitable for your needs, just remember not to seal your package as some companies require collection drivers to visually inspect the contents before taking possession.

Once you know the different types of service you can then begin to pick between them. Different services usually only offer different timescales for delivery, but some may not include insurance, tracking or confirmation of delivery. It’s up to you to choose a service that not only suits your budget but offers you the additional features you require. Destination, too, makes a difference in timescales, and Australia will take longer to deliver to than the US, Canada or Europe.

In terms of speed, when sending a parcel to Australia, the fastest is probably within two working days of collection. As you can imagine, this service is the most expensive and gives you full tracking capabilities as well as provides confirmation of delivery. This is for urgent, important or time sensitive parcels that need to be sent as soon as possible.

A slightly slower method will take three to five working days to arrive in Australia, and will be cheaper than the above service, although it does still offer tracking and delivery confirmation.

The cheapest method, which is also the longest, is an economy service that can take your parcel up to a month to reach Australia. This kind of service is the very basic offered, probably has little to no insurance included in the price, and won’t give you the ability to track or request delivery confirmation. It’s the perfect service for anyone with a limited budget, or no urgent need to get his or her package across the world quickly, but you get what you pay for and it’s an incredibly pared down way to send a consignment.

Always check with the company choose the types of international services they run, as timescales and services vary between companies, and what additional costs you may be required to pay for things like insurance if none is offered as standard.

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