How do I move …

How do I move… This is one of the main questions we receive daily on our help desk. For the best part it comes from customers who have bought something they don’t buy every day, maybe a larger item, furniture or even a vehicle.

Cartoon man scratching his head looking at a box not fitting in a car thinking how do I move this

In this and our next two articles we’ll give a little detail on what you should think about, don’t worry its easier than you think. How do I move, transport or ship – Part one

On Delivery Quote Compare we have several categories, its easy and free to list your items and there should be a category that will match your goods, if you’re not sure drop a line to [email protected] or call us on 0808-169-2000 and we’ll be more than happy to help. So, to the categories:

How do I move – Furniture & General Items

This is the broadest category we have and the reason it comes up first, there are several subcategories and you should be able to find one that meets your descriptions.

For the most part we ask for dimensions, this is so our transporters can work out the space they will need and whether they can fit it with other loads to save you and them money. Don’t worry too much about being exact most transporters know how big a washing machine or a two-seater sofa is, obviously if its out of the norm such as an industrial machine make sure you details that.

If the items are heavy or unwieldly make sure to list if you require two people to lift it into a vehicle,  if you can help then you’ll save some more money and the transporters will arrange a suitable time when you’re free.

All the transporters will have moving blankets and straps so you don’t have to worry o much about wrapping your items, obviously if they’re smaller or more fragile you should probably cover them with packaging or bubble wrap prior to transport.

Simply list the details on the website, you then get quotes coming through. At this point you can ask questions specific to the items being moved and answers from experienced transporters who will be able to tell you any specifics required for the items you’re moving.

How do I move – Cars and Motorcycles

This is another very popular category and at Delivery Quote Compare we have access to numerous motor trade movers for both bikes and cars with years of experience. So how do I move a car or bike.

Depending on the condition of you vehicle you may want it driven or transported, to fine out more check out our blog on the difference:

Moving a vehicle is a specific category and you can get more information on our car moving blog here:

Or if it’s a bike check here:

Our next couple of categories are self explanatory , electrical items have the same criteria as general furniture and vehicle parts are separate as they are often dirty and can’t go in the same transport as clean items (remember to remove any fluids, fuel or batteries prior to moving them.

Finally, for this article Parcels!

A man and van service is probably not what you need for a standard parcel, it would become to expensive to have a dedicated van for your items but don’t worry. In our parcels category we have partnered with:

ParcelABCWorldwide Parcel Services – Parcel HeroParcel2Go

These companies have been selected as they can provide you with some of the best rates, best service and flexibility for parcel deliveries. They can answer any question on how do I move parcels.

For the answers to how do I move ANYTHING we can help, if you’re not sure call or email us. Listing your quotes with us is free, no obligation and we don’t share your details with anyone.

Visit the home page to list your items and save up to 75% on the cost of your transport needs.

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