Re-tuning a Piano after moving

Man giving thumbs up after moving piano

Moving a piano is a specialist task, its not the same as any other piece of furniture. With hundreds of moving parts and very specific tension between key and strings the require plenty of care and a loving touch.

Tuning a piano is a specialist task and can make a huge difference to the resulting sound, after moving your piano does it need tuning?

Well the answer here is maybe.

If a piano is moved correctly by a specialist transporter using the correct equipment then little movement of the sound board or set up should happen, there’s a lot of pressure within a piano that keeps it safe. Its important to note though the difference between grand (or baby grand) pianos and up rights. Uprights have four feet or wheels and provide a sturdier base whilst grands with only three legs have more change of being unlevel.

The main thing that affects changing the location of a piano is the location itself. If you’re moving it from a nice average humidity heated room to a cold dry location you’d imagine that there’d be some change. But don’t call the tuner out just yet.

When moving house for instance you probably don’t know what the new environment might be like, during moving house have doors are left open, rooms are often empty for some time and allow for large temperature fluctuations.

A good tip for moving is to get your specialist piano mover to bring the piano before your other furniture, this way there is no squeezing past settees, tables and boxes. You can also ask the transporter to leave the protective wrapping (which they will use) on the piano until the other furniture is in place, this will save knocking it moving in other items.

Once its in place let it rest for a few days, don’t play it in this time, just let it settle to the new floor and environment. It goes without saying that it should be level.

After a week or two it’s time to check for tuning, if you’ve a concert pianists ear you can check in detail, or, does it sound OK. If it sounds good to your ear that’s all that’s important, otherwise now is the time to call a professional tuner to put it back in shape.  The Pianoforte Association recommend tunig twice a year as standard anyway and can put you intouch with a local skilled tuner who will be a mber of their association, find details here

To get your piano moved safely and correctly list the details on to get real no obligation quotes from specialist piano movers.

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