How do I transport….

How do I transport – part two

House Moves

For the second part of our How do I transport we move onto the removals section of Delivery Quote Compare. In previous blogs we give some advice on how to go about it.

But for the purposes of how to get it organised its as simple as visiting our house move category and listing details of your move. Simply detail where you’re moving from and where too then using the easy drop downs to list inventory. You don’t need complicated measurements just a good list of the things you need to go from one place the next.

Office moves

This is pretty much the same as a house move but with different items. Again there is an inventory list to ease listing. Simply add the details and you’ll get numerous quotes from transporters; this is a popular category for movers.


Touring caravans are relatively easy to get transported, either n a trailer or towed numerous transporters can help, its similar to car moves.

Static caravans are more difficult and its often harder to get quotes we have a previous blog

This provides more detail, however if you need some further advice call out help desk 0808-169-2000 and we can guide you through what’s needed.


How do I transport a boat? This is almost an unlimited question as there are as many types of boats as there are cars, read our boat moving blog for extra help on this one:

Finally for this blog, how do I transport pallets?

This one is quite simple, European and UK pallets have standard sizes, simply list the correct details and you’ll see standard price coming through as quotes. Remember to make sure goods are well packaged and secured and pallet delivery is a breeze.

For anything you need moving visit our home page to save up to 75% on the cost of your transport.

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