How do Couriers Transport Cars?

There are very few items which couriers can’t safely transport from A to B, no matter what size. If you need a car delivered safely to a new destination, then contacting a specialist courier company is the best first step to take.

Of course, having a car delivered isn’t as straightforward as sending a parcel through the post, but it can be pretty stress-free all the same.

So how does it work? Well, the first thing to do is to contact a car transportation company.


When you contact the car transportation company, they’ll ask you to provide them with a few details about your car and where you want it transported to and from. They’ll use this information to work out the best way to transport it and what route will be best to take. Based on this, they will provide you with a quote and schedule a time for pick-up. You will also be given a couple of options for how you want the car to be transported

Driven by the courier

A courier will drive your car to your chosen destination. This is the less costly option and couriers who carry out this type of work are fully insured to do so. They will also have the necessary documentation and temporary trade plates to drive your vehicle. This is also a good option for short-haul deliveries.

Transported by trailer

This a good option for longer-haul deliveries, but will more expensive. Couriers can provide dedicated trailers for your car to be loaded onto and then driven to its destination. Some companies which own multi-vehicle trailers that can transport a number of different cars at the same time may be able to offer a lower rate.

Some car transporter trailers are able to carry up to 12 vehicles at a time. They are usually used by people who work in the motor trade, to transport multiple vehicles to and from a showroom. They have operated thanks to hydraulic ramps, which can be easily moved up and down to facilitate cars being driven directly onto them

Of course, transporting multiple cars will require some logistical consideration, especially if they are intended for multiple locations. It may be a case of ‘first on, last off’ when transporting f a number of cars, so this will have to be taken into account.

Trucks to suit all sizes

Smaller trucks are available which can transport six or eight cars while a standard flat-bed truck can be used to transport a single-vehicle.

Couriers will ensure a vehicle is properly secured on a trailer before setting off. This involves tying straps around the wheels and fastening to the bed of the trailer so that they don’t turn. Depending on the type of trailer and size of the car, additional strapping may be fixed around the chassis of the car too.

A courier may drive around slowly beforehand to make sure everything is fastened properly and will also inspect the straps during regular stops during the journey.

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