5 Top Tips on preparing your classic car for transport

When you need a classic car transported, you’ll want to put yourself in the hands of experts. Enlisting an experienced classic car courier company is vital to ensure the smooth transportation of your vehicle.

Whether it for a show or auction or delivery to a customer, you’ll want the peace of mind that everything has been taken care of when you transport a classic car.

However, you still a part to play too. You will need to prepare your classic car for transportation, and here are the five top tips for doing that.

Clean the car inside and out

Most vintage car owners take great pride in their vehicles, so they won’t mind giving it a nice polish before it is packed off. But cleaning a classic car before transportation can have other benefits. It is easier to spot scratches or scrapes when the car is clean. Any marks like this should be documented so that you’ll know that if there are any new ones after it has been transported, they will have happened when it was in the care of the courier.

Cleaning the car inside is also important because it will allow you to remove any loose items that may otherwise move about when the vehicle is in transit.

Take good quality photographs of the car

A classic car is a major investment for many, whether that investment is time, money or love – or perhaps all three. In any case, you will need to document the condition the car is in before transportation. That’s why it’s a good idea to take some photographs of the car. Make sure the high resolution captures the finest of details. 

Check the tyre pressure

Although you and the courier won’t be driving your classic car during transportation, it’s always a good idea to check the tyre pressure. This is to ensure that it can be secured in the back of the covered transportation trailer without moving about. Underinflated tyres make the vehicle less stable, so make sure they are inflated to the required pressure.

Check all fluids in the car

Make sure you check all the fluids in your car before it is picked up. Oil, petrol, water and brake fluid should all be checked. This is to ensure there are no leaks. A leak can be a worry for a classic car owner, but it can also concern the courier company.

If oil or fuel leaks onto their trailers, you may have to fork out extra to cover the damage. If you do suspect a leak, inform the courier before they set off.

Remove all extras

You should remove any additional items such as spoilers and aerials from the car and any other customised features of the car. You should also remove any personal belongings from the car. Not only could they be lost, but they could move about in the car while it is in transit.

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