Making sure you get what you pay for when buying a vehicle!

We all know that your car or van is an incredibly important part of many peoples life. However, maybe now it’s time to move on to something new. You’ve been looking around and found the perfect vehicle. The only problem is, what are you going to do with the old one? It’s not going to be used and you need the space. One option is selling it to a dealer for resale. This however comes with a question, how do you know you’re getting the right value for your vehicle?

Do the research first

Probably not this one!

Before taking it to any dealer have check yourself in the value of your car. To get a general idea there are free car valuation services such as the one offered by AutoTrader. Enter the registration number and mileage and get a number. This won’t take damage both external and internal into account so add or subtract how much you think this would affect the value.

Signs of a dodgy dealer

Each dealership is different. However there are tells that certain ones aren’t going to give you the proper valuation. Certain smaller dealerships will base their value solely on a current pricing book they have. While these books can offer a rough estimation of your vehicle model and the average price it doesn’t suit every car.

Another sign of not great value is how they check the vehicle. A good dealership will give a full check on the outside, inside and under the bonnet. If the person checking just gives it a quick look over they probably won’t give you a proper quote. There are other reasons than simply not doing it properly.  Some dealers offer lower values so they can sell it lower for a quick profit. You could potentially miss out on up to £1000 by getting short changed like this.

Getting a good value

Getting a proper valuation for your vehicle requires certain steps to getting the best deal. Of course they have to make the proper checks on its condition and mileage. The other important thing is how much they know the market. A properly professional dealership will be up to date on the latest trends of the auto-dealer market. They take in the ups and downs to give you accurate valuations on your vehicle

As with everything, to get something done properly you have to do every step. When selling your vehicle going about it the proper way is how you get the best value. You can apply the same idea to transporting your sold vehicle or maybe bringing your new pride and joy to you, which is where and its 100’s of vehicle specialist transporters come in.

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