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Fuel Thieves


Times are hard enough as it is without having to worry about thievery. But for many businesses with large vehicles, fuel theft is becoming a growing problem with vehicles being emptied of their fuel and, in some cases, even their fuel tanks. But Derbyshire Police and Derbyshire Dales District Council have come up with a […]

Liquid Air

Liquid Air & The Logistics Sector


With fuel prices rising, the search for sustainable and cost effective fossil fuel alternatives is on going. As fuel prices continue to damage hauliers’ ability to provide services, UK companies are feeling the pressure as European based businesses are able to meet the demands of the sector with the help of lower diesel prices. Enter […]

Aerodynamic Trucks

Aerodynamic Trucks


It’s surprising how much fuel is required to push a brick-like truck along a road. We’ve already seen improvements in trailer design, with a curved top to help the air flow over the length cleanly, but the cabs themselves have little in the way of aerodynamic structure in place to help facilitate that. Enter the […]

Olympic Lorries

How The Olympics Can Help The Logistics Sector


The current economy being what it is, streamlining, cutting costs and increasing efficiency is a high priority for many industries, and the logistics sector is no different. Interestingly, new practices for urban centres have been recommended by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), titled Maintaining Momentum: Summer 2012 Logistics Legacy Report. The report […]

Container Homes

YMCA Recycling Containers To Make Homes


While most of us are used to seeing containers as methods of freight transportation, usually on the back of lorries or on ships, there’s a growing movement of alternative uses for shipping containers. For the ultimate in travel, mobile shipping container hotels allow you to fall asleep in one location and wake in another. Entire […]


Learning To Drive A HGV


HGV driving has the capacity to be a good earner, with road transport making up a good proportion of nationwide – and even European wide – freight transportation. Learning to drive a heavy goods vehicle can offer many rewards. While money is often good, the trade off can be long, tiring hours and an expensive […]


Haulage Types


Haulage is a great way to move your goods or items around. The term refers to the business of moving freight, or goods, from one place to another. There are a number of different haulage types to choose from, depending on the destination or type of goods or items that you want to transport. Here’s […]

Hauliers Welcome Possible Speed Increase For HGVS


With the deadline for the Government’s consultation on increasing the speed limit for HGVs on single lane roads fast approaching, the calls for the A9 in Scotland, branded Scotland’s deadliest road, to see an increase have risen. The A9 runs between Inverness and Perth with a number of single carriageway stretches that drop traffic down […]

Haulier Helps Stop The Stowaways


Hauliers traveling through Calais have been warned against stopping within 50km of the port after a group of illegal immigrants were found hiding in a lorry bound for Peterborough. Gangs are known to operate around the Calais area, covering an approximate 100km outside the port, organising passage in exchange for cash from work found here […]

HGV Speed Limit Plans


The Department for Transport released information today on its consultation regarding the speed limit for HGVs. Vehicles over 7.5 tonnes are restricted to 40mph on single carriageways, and concerns have risen that this restriction is taking a financial toll on companies involved in freight and logistics, is creating congestion, as well as potentially causing unnecessary […]