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New Felixstowe Rail Terminal Doubles Capacity

New Felixstowe Rail Terminal


Britain’s biggest container port, Felixstowe, officially opened its new rail terminal last week, doubling rail capacity. The new rail terminal is a £40 million investment that’s part of a scheme to increase capacity at the port that includes the two new berths that were opened in November 2011. Co-financed by the European Union Trans-European Transport […]

Europe to China Railroad

New China-Europe Rail Service


The old route between East and West into China, known as the Silk Road, has been revamped. Rail services between China and Europe are increasing, as freight services realise that transporting goods via rail can not only be cheaper than air, but quicker than shipping by sea, and earning the nickname the New Silk Road. […]

Shipping Volumes

Shipping Volumes


Due to the nature of the transportation industry, and the dependency all other industries have upon it, increases in freight transportation can often be seen as a sign that the economy is on the rise. At a time when the world economy is struggling, close watch is kept on freight industries for those first signs […]

shipping costs falling

Cost of Shipping Falling


If there’s something you’ve been meaning to ship abroad, now might be a good time to get it organised. Shipping costs have fallen, making it cheaper to send something bulky, heavy or just plain cheaply to the other side of the world. Bulk sending items, essentially what freight means, can be cheaper when sent by […]

High Speed 2

High Speed 2


The Queen’s Speech recently, indicated that the high-speed train line, known as HS2, would be supported by two new parliamentary bills. High speed trains aren’t new in the UK, HS1 has been running for some years, connecting London with Kent, the Channel Tunnel and Europe. But for the rest of the UK’s railways, the original […]

Frieght Train

Half-Mile Long Freight Trains


Scotland may soon see the introduction of half-mile long freight trains on its tracks. Plans for the new trains, the longest in operation, are part of expansion proposals for the Mossend freight forwarding railhead in Lanarkshire by operator PDS. It’s expected that PDS will lodge plans for a new siding, long enough to house the […]

Container Homes

YMCA Recycling Containers To Make Homes


While most of us are used to seeing containers as methods of freight transportation, usually on the back of lorries or on ships, there’s a growing movement of alternative uses for shipping containers. For the ultimate in travel, mobile shipping container hotels allow you to fall asleep in one location and wake in another. Entire […]


Learning To Drive A HGV


HGV driving has the capacity to be a good earner, with road transport making up a good proportion of nationwide – and even European wide – freight transportation. Learning to drive a heavy goods vehicle can offer many rewards. While money is often good, the trade off can be long, tiring hours and an expensive […]

shipping types

Different Kinds Of Shipping


There are many ways you can send items or goods from A to B, either nationally or internationally. Each has different restrictions, requirements, costs or fees, and may be better suited for certain types or amounts of deliveries than others. But how do you know which to choose? Let’s start with freight shipping. Freight really […]

Rail Freight Prices To Rise


The Office of the Rail Regulator’s (ORR’s) has announced its intention to raise charges for rail freight. The proposed increase could result in up to a 23% rise in tariffs to access tracks, with the transportation of certain commodities, such as spent nuclear fuel, seeing freight specific charges phased in between 2014 and 2019. As […]