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Start of Spring with new Garden Furniture


As we head towards spring then slowly moving towards summer! can be quite a drag at times as we wait for the temperature to rise to a more acceptable level, you may be thinking about your garden. Do you need to replace garden furniture, either because you’ve moved recently or just because it is in […]

Thinking About Buying Or Selling A Car


When it comes to buying or selling new or used cars many people used to advertise in local papers, go to a dealers or even advertise on supermarket notification boards. But times have changed dramatically since the internet came in to play and most people now use this as a selling or buying tool. There […]

Which Companies Transport Classic Cars


As an owner of a classic car, or soon to be owner, working out how to move your vehicles safely, securely and cost-effectively might seem like a big headache, but by following a few si§mple tips your vintage car will be in its new home in the next to no time. If you’ve gone to […]

Movement of vehicle quotes


Our transporter section is certainly the most diverse. Within this section, you can get a car transporter quote, a quote for boat transport, caravan transport and motorbike or something fun! Whatever type of vehicle you need moving give this section a try. We’ve got a vast number of vehicle transport companies registered now, and have […]

Now easier to get your Motorbike Delivered!


When you think of the word delivery it’s likely that you’re imagining letters and parcels, particularly at different times of the year. But there is a multitude of items that could be delivered, from the mundane to the unexpected, and motorbike delivery is probably up there with the unexpected. There could be a number of […]

Transporter tips on how to write a better profile!


How to write your winning profile So you’re set up on Delivery Quote compare and ready to bid on the huge number of jobs listed daily, however, you’re new to the site and don’t have feedback yet to give our consumers confidence. A winning profile goes a long way to give customers more information about […]

Bin it, toss, or it keeps it: How to be ruthless when decluttering


We all want a clean and tidy house, but sometimes getting it can be hard. A nice orderly home, with no clutter, can bring calmness to our lives, so sometimes the sheer amount of stuff we accumulate can make that a forlorn dream. With many people now working from home, and the new year has […]

Victorious Bids


Help Placing Successful Bids One of the most Constant questions we get asked at DQC, is “How can I ensure my Bids are successful?” Particularly for new verified and accredited Transporters, who often have no or little feedback to show, successful bidding is a necessity. So here are a few top tips to try and […]

Top 3 storage hacks for your home


Seeking storage solutions for your home seems like an eternal quest. No sooner have you successfully declutter one part of it than another area needs your attention. Different rooms may throw up different stuff, but some methods are good for all areas. Try out these top 3 storage hacks for your home. Box it up  […]

A guide to recycling household waste


It’s hard to escape the headlines that the ‘climate is in crisis’ and that the clock is ticking to save the planet. This may seem like distant concepts, and the notion that he can call play our part is easy to be sceptical about.  However, we can take steps every day to ease the burden […]