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Victorious Bids


Help Placing Successful Bids One of the most Constant questions we get asked at DQC, is “How can I ensure my Bids are successful?” Particularly for new verified and accredited Transporters, who often have no or little feedback to show, successful bidding is a necessity. So here are a few top tips to try and […]

Top 3 storage hacks for your home


Seeking storage solutions for your home seems like an eternal quest. No sooner have you successfully declutter one part of it than another area needs your attention. Different rooms may throw up different stuff, but some methods are good for all areas. Try out these top 3 storage hacks for your home. Box it up  […]

A guide to recycling household waste


It’s hard to escape the headlines that the ‘climate is in crisis’ and that the clock is ticking to save the planet. This may seem like distant concepts, and the notion that he can call play our part is easy to be sceptical about.  However, we can take steps every day to ease the burden […]

5 Top Tips on preparing your classic car for transport


When you need a classic car transported, you’ll want to put yourself in the hands of experts. Enlisting an experienced classic car courier company is vital to ensure the smooth transportation of your vehicle. Whether it for a show or auction or delivery to a customer, you’ll want the peace of mind that everything has […]

How do couriers transport classic cars?


Moving classic cars across the country is a specialised business, and that’s why it’s always important to enlist the services of a courier who has experienced this field. Classic car transportation can be required in several different scenarios. Whether it’s for selling or show, you’ll want your classic car to look its best. Driving it […]

How to maximise storage space


If we can’t move into our house for the amount of ‘stuff’ we have lying around, then we instinctively think that we really must declutter. However, sometimes having too much of our belongings lying around where they shouldn’t be isn’t always a clutter problem; it can also be a storage problem.  You might think, ‘well, […]

Winter driving tips: How to cope with ice and snow


Even the most experienced drivers can find the roads tricky to navigate in the winter. Any combination of snow, ice, freezing fog or low sun can make routine trips more difficult. To stay safe on the roads during winter, here are some useful tips to follow. Keep a safe distance When driving in snow and […]

Why breaks are important when driving long distance


For couriers and hauliers, time is important. Deliveries must be completed quickly, and customers take a dim view of goods arriving late.  However, while sticking to a delivery schedule is important, what is equally vital is that couriers and hauliers break up long journeys. Driving long distances requires concentration, and to maintain that, you will […]

Exercises to help build strength for removal workers


If you work as a removal worker, a large percentage of the day can be spent trying to shift heavy objects using nothing but your own brute strength.  Strength is important in a job that involves a lot of lifting and loading, and a day’s work can take its toll on your body. Building and […]

How courier drivers can get more from their tank


Fuel represents one of the highest costs for couriers and transport companies, so getting the most out of every drop should be a priority. Couriers can find themselves driving a range of different vehicles on journeys, which can vary greatly in length. Therefore, it’s no wonder that they burn through a huge amount of fuel. […]