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Moving Abroad – But Do You Know The Facts On Freight Forwarding


With economic conditions still fairly bleak, it is perhaps unsurprising that more and more people are leaving the UK to seek pastures new. Young workers are now joining the legions of retired expats abroad, and with that come an increase in demand for shipping their worldly possessions to all ends of the planet. A move […]

Travelling With Kid’s Prams


Travelling with children is hard enough without having to tote around all the associated paraphernalia. Holidays are supposed to be relaxing, so don’t let the stress of trying to juggle the pushchair, toys, clothes and toddler make it otherwise. Getting everything to your destination in one piece is actually a little easier, and probably a […]

Sending Sports Equipment Abroad


So, summer is here … well, the UK version of it anyway, which means that soon summer holidays will be starting as the nation attempts to get somewhere that actually sees some sun, sea and surf. But regardless of the time of year, if you’re the type of individual who likes to take their own […]

shipping costs falling

Cost of Shipping Falling


If there’s something you’ve been meaning to ship abroad, now might be a good time to get it organised. Shipping costs have fallen, making it cheaper to send something bulky, heavy or just plain cheaply to the other side of the world. Bulk sending items, essentially what freight means, can be cheaper when sent by […]

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Air Freight Expansion


Last month, in its submission to the Airports Commission’s discussion paper ‘Aviation Connectivity and the Economy’, the Freight Transport Association said that expansion in the international air freight sector is vital to the UK economy. As a global centre of business, air freight is key to being able to meet market demands and maintain connections […]

Container Homes

YMCA Recycling Containers To Make Homes


While most of us are used to seeing containers as methods of freight transportation, usually on the back of lorries or on ships, there’s a growing movement of alternative uses for shipping containers. For the ultimate in travel, mobile shipping container hotels allow you to fall asleep in one location and wake in another. Entire […]

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All About Air Freight


As with most services that offer worldwide delivery of goods, air freight delivery times are dependent on a variety of different criteria that can change the duration or cost of your delivery. Broken down in to domestic and international services, size, weight and cost are the other deciding factors on which service will work best […]

Air Freight Statistics


Air Freight is one of the quickest ways to get an item delivered across international borders. With fast turnaround, priority services and door-to-door delivery available it can take less time than you might think to get an item from the UK to its foreign destination. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that 2.3 […]

How To Track Air Cargo


Tracking your air cargo couldn’t be easier. Just because your item is being shipped internationally, and via a plane, doesn’t mean that a tracking service isn’t available. Air freight can work just like couriering an item to a delivery address, just via a plane. Air freight companies may automatically include tracking capabilities within their quote, […]

moving large items abroad

Moving Large Items Abroad


There’s plenty of information out there on how to send a small parcel internationally, but what do you do if you have something very large or bulky that needs to be sent abroad? Anything you send overseas from the UK to locations other than Europe will be sent either via ship or plane, your budget […]