Cost of Shipping Falling

shipping costs fallingIf there’s something you’ve been meaning to ship abroad, now might be a good time to get it organised. Shipping costs have fallen, making it cheaper to send something bulky, heavy or just plain cheaply to the other side of the world.

Bulk sending items, essentially what freight means, can be cheaper when sent by sea, as well as offering the possibility of sending larger volumes. Entire containers full of items from products to the entire contents of your home can be transported, via ship, to almost anywhere in the world.

Shipping costs can be seen as an indication of the health of the global economy. Falling oil prices can mean reduced rates as fuel costs fall to follow, as is happening at the moment. In addition, our economy, currently making up for the teeny dip further down it experienced at the end of last year, is helping too. What that means for us is falling prices in sea freight as a result. With fuel prices dropping, those savings are being passed on to customers. And with demand low, an excess of ships waiting in the docks is also helping to drive prices down.

Shipping accountant, Moore Stephens, thinks it has the answer: shipping firms should operate more like airlines. Most well established airlines own only a third of the planes they operate, with the rest leased to fulfil market demand. Costs are reduced by using a flexible system, and would mean that acquiring a new vessel wouldn’t be cost prohibitive or capital draining. Leasing is yet to be embraced by the shipping industry, but opportunities do exist and have developed rapidly over the last few years.

In the meantime, you can take advantage of these low prices to ship your items abroad. Of course, on top of these new, lower prices, using a site like Delivery Quote Compare to help you get the best possible price available can also be beneficial. Shipping costs can fall further as sea freight services bid for your business, and as they’re all customer rated you can be sure you’re picking the best company for your needs.

We’ve even got freight forwarders covered, there to help you unravel the logistical nightmare of moving multiple items from A to B. Use our simple online form to give us some details, and we’ll put you in touch with various different companies who can deliver, literally.

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