Travelling With Kid’s Prams

babyzen-yoyo-airportTravelling with children is hard enough without having to tote around all the associated paraphernalia. Holidays are supposed to be relaxing, so don’t let the stress of trying to juggle the pushchair, toys, clothes and toddler make it otherwise. Getting everything to your destination in one piece is actually a little easier, and probably a little cheaper, than you may think. Travelling with a pushchair or pram, even without the added chaos of toys, changing bag and carrier, can be a disaster waiting to happen, so take a minute to review our tips before setting off for the airport.

Check whether your air carrier allows pushchairs to be stowed in the overhead luggage racks, otherwise consider not taking it with you. It’s a fact of life that if your pram or pushchair needs to be flown in the hold that it will undoubtedly get broken, so take the time, long before setting off, to put an alternative plan in place. Smaller, collapsible pushchairs are usually included in the cost of the ticket, but if it’s not then consider renting whilst at the airport or borrow a friend’s that can be left securely until you return.

Of course, that doesn’t help once you’re actually living it up on the beach, soaking in the sun, sea and surf at your holiday destination. But there are other ways to get your child’s pushchair, favourite ten teddies and associated gear over to your holiday location other than putting it on a plane with you. While couriering your items or sending them via parcel delivery may not be top of the list, economy services to almost anywhere in the world should make the idea a little more palatable for your wallet.

Securely package up everything that you need to send, be it the car seat, stroller, teddies or that kitchen playset the twins just won’t leave behind. Get the dimensions of the package or packages, and carefully weigh each and every item you want to send; without that information any quote you get is just a shot in the dark. Give yourself as much time as possible to get your item(s) to your holiday destination, and always check they can be received before you spend money to get them there! Use Delivery Quote Compare to find the best method and price to get your items sent, even if it’s only nationally rather than internationally. And remember, budget services cost less but take longer so give yourself plenty of time!

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