Keep away from Unsuccessful Deliveries

Unsuccessful DeliveriesUnsuccessful deliveries are time consuming, frustrating and can cost time and money for you and your customers. Failed deliveries are the biggest cause of complaints from the consumer regarding on line shopping.

Many retailers offer next day delivery or delivery by a certain time, and in the lead up to Christmas consumers have a great deal of anxiety about whether their articles will be delivered in time. The main causes of complaint are failed delivery cards in their letterbox when they weren’t aware that a delivery was on its way, having to travel miles to collect a parcel which has not been delivered, companies which do not deliver after hours or at the weekend, and being home for a delivery which fails to arrive.

Customers are increasingly expecting compensation if a parcel delivery fails to arrive and they have to take extra time off work. Losing a day’s pay for a delivery which does not arrive is unacceptable. In the first instance it is the retailer not the courier who is responsible for the delivery failure and any compensation which has to be paid. The contract is with the supplier not the courier. However any company which has to regularly pay compensation for failed deliveries will soon be taking their work elsewhere.

So how can you minimise unsuccessful deliveries?

The retailer will agree the delivery details with their customer. You need to check carefully with them to make sure that you are aware when the customer is expecting your delivery. You will need to be able to contact them so be sure you get a contact number for the customer. Many courier companies call within half an hour of delivery to make sure that there is someone at home to receive the goods. It is a good idea to have a mobile number so you can contact the customer if there is no reply. A simple tip is to make sure that the doorbell is working and if you are unsure, knock. Give a little time for a response and repeat – they may be out at the back or even in the bathroom.

A courier who will deliver out of normal hours is also greatly appreciated as most people work during the day and if you can deliver in the evening or even before nine o’clock in the morning you are likely to get more work and avoid failed deliveries as these are the times when most people are at home. Many people are also at home at the weekend so a courier company which delivers during these times will avoid a lot of failed deliveries.

Increasingly there is the option to leave an item with a neighbour or a local shop or post office. This has been trialled across the country and is proving successful. As long as the item is signed for there should be no problems with this method.

Communication is the key to avoiding failed deliveries. Most people will be available if they are expecting a delivery and are aware of the timings. If they know if you are going to be late, then they will usually be patient.

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