Did You Know May Is National Bike Month?

May has been declared National Bike Month and encourages more people to use their bicycle and reap the benefits. This year is a bit different though. With the current COVID-19 pandemic affecting the home of National Bike Month – the USA – more than any other country, some changes are in place.

Learn more about National Bike Month here, and how the virus pandemic has will make 2020 the year of two national bike months.

Who Came Up with National Bike Month?

National Bike Month was made and promoted by the League of American Bicyclists. They are a group of people from different walks of life who have come together to try and protect cycling’s place in the USA. National Bike Month is just one of many strategies they promote to get more people on their bicycle and realising the benefits of using a bike instead of a car. They also advocate programmes to protect the roads for frequent cyclists and build stronger communities. Their work has been recognised since the 1950s.

So, What Is National Bike Month?

National Bike Month is an attempt by the League of American Bicyclists to get more people using their bikes during the month in the hope that they will recognise cycling’s benefits and continue to cycle afterwards.

Those benefits include getting fitter and feeling more active, as well as saving on fuel costs and of course, helping the environment by reducing our individual carbon footprint. As part of the month, the group promote the idea of cycling to work whenever possible.

National Bike Month During COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused national bike month to be somewhat postponed. After all, getting people to cycle to work is not possible when most people are no longer at work and are following lockdown/social distancing measures.

The new plan for May is not to cycle often but to use our bikes when we do need to go outdoors. For example, if you need to go and get groceries or do other essential trips, you can always do these by taking your bike instead. Staying active is still important during a lockdown, and it could be argued that it is even more important.

Encouragement to bike to work is also being postponed until September. The last full week of September 2020 (21st-27th), the League of American Bicyclists will be promoting Bike To Work Week. Why relocate the week until this date? It gives enough time for the pandemic to pass, but it also coincides with National Bike To Work Day on the 22nd of September.

Will Couriers Be Cycling to Work?

You never know – some US courier services may decide to carry out local deliveries with their bikes. However, this may only be the case if the packages are small and it does not affect their services.

Even if they are not, you could always join the fun and start cycling to work. Grab your helmet and get ready!

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