Further postal disruption on the cards

After 2009’s nightmare Royal Mail strikes it looks like there could be more interruptions this month as Post Office counter workers strike.

According to the Communications Workers Union, “Post Office workers have voted overwhelmingly in favour of strike action in a dispute over pay, job security and the future of the Crown post office network.”

The ballot, which closed on Friday, saw a 66% turn out with a whopping 93% in favour of the strikes.

Despite Royal Mails assurances that any strike will not affect the postal system, it’s inevitable that after the chaos caused by previous strikes, businesses especially, will be weary of using Royal Mail.

This is of course great news for couriers and transport companies! So here are Delivery Quote Compares five top tips to shine in any future strikes.

1. In the period before the strike raise awareness of your business – make sure people know you are there.

2. Make yourself available – in this critical time insure that your vehicle is in sound condition and that you are working all the hours you can.

3.  Use a site like Delivery Quote Compare to fill loads or get back loads.

4.  Do your very best job – though it sounds simple, if you’re rushed you may forget your ‘p’s and q’s’!

5.  Build a relationship – if you can do a better job than the Royal Mail you may secure yourself regular work with the customer.

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