Air Freight solutions

As with most services that offer worldwide delivery of goods, air freight delivery times are dependent on a variety of different criteria that can change the duration or cost of your delivery. Broken down into domestic and international services, size, weight and cost are the other deciding factors on which service will work best for your needs.

Air freight is designed for heavy, bulky or multiple items that are sent on a pallet and have some time sensitive requirements. Most air freight service providers will require a minimum weight limit in order for your item to qualify for air freight, as opposed to regular international delivery services on offer. Most service providers break their services down in to something like:

Urgent/Express: For when you need to get something delivered very quickly and urgently. Your cargo is usually given a priority service, and sent on the first available plane to ensure a quick delivery. Depending on the delivery location, your item could be received within one to three working days; next day delivery to most European locations, two business days to reach the US or Canada, and two to three working days for Asia and Australia.

Economical/Budget: For when timescales matter less than budget. This doesn’t mean that your item just sits around waiting for a plane with some space in it. Sending your items by economical air freight simply means that the air freight company you chose will creatively ship your item through major gateways across the world en route to its destination. Essentially, your cargo will travel via small hops, skips and jumps until it reaches its destination. You should still be able to determine transit times, so you can inform the recipient of your item’s intended arrival time.

You can also add on services, such as door-to-door which enables you to hand over your item to a collection driver and let the air freight company do all the planning, including delivering your cargo to the door of the recipient. Unless otherwise specified, deliveries will only be made to the airport of the destination country closest to the recipient’s address and you will have been expected to drop the item to the air freight company ready for sending.

Other services, such as for perishable items, weight restricted or minimum weight specified services also hold differing transit times and costs. Use Delivery Quote Compare to help get free quotes and great low prices, just fill out our simple online form and reputable companies will contact you to organise your air freight needs.

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