How To Track Air Cargo

Tracking your air cargo couldn’t be easier. Just because your item is being shipped internationally, and via a plane, doesn’t mean that a tracking service isn’t available. Air freight can work just like couriering an item to a delivery address, just via a plane.

Air freight companies may automatically include tracking capabilities within their quote, enabling you to keep an eye on your item as it moves across the world in real time. You may even be able to access full shipment details of every inbound, outbound, and even third party shipments that you may currently have in operation.

Other air freight companies may require you to request tracking be included, so if it’s not clear at the outset make sure you ask or risk not having the capability.

Where air freight tracking is available, it works just as the domestic courier system does. Your cargo is assigned a unique tracking number and you are given a website or phone number to use to trace. Your unique tracking number will allow you to determine just where in the transit process your cargo is and confirm delivery when made. Your unique tracking number may also allow you to make delivery changes whilst your cargo is still in transit, but such changes will be dependent on the air freight company you’ve chosen and the point in the delivery timescale that your cargo is currently at.

Some companies allow you to assign your own unique reference to your cargo in addition to their tracking number. This unique reference number can usually be a mix of alphanumeric digits and used to track your cargo instead of using the tracking number it was assigned by the air freight company you shipped it with.

Technology has now increased to the point where you can request automated replies to tracking request emails and text messages. Simply send your tracking number via email or SMS and an automated reply will return to your device with full status information on your cargo. If you want to track multiple items, just list all the tracking numbers in a single email and details on all of them will be returned.

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