Knowing your pallet

When looking to send something bulky, heavy or unwieldy then pallet delivery may be just what you need. In fact, if you’re sending multiple items to one address then it’s also worth considering using a pallet and consolidating your delivery costs. As with parcels, pallets come with a variety of delivery options from economy to priority, but they also come in a range of sizes that help make sending larger or heavier items easier on the wallet.

Pallet sizes are determine vertically, with the actual physical pallet remaining the same size regardless of the vertical size you pay for. Weight is still a factor to consider, and will tip the scales towards steeper costs, quite literally, but pallet costs are designed to help you make the most of your delivery without paying through the nose.

In the UK there are three pallet sizes to choose from; the quarter pallet is 1.2m by 1m at the base (i.e. the physical pallet size), and goes up to 0.8m high, with a maximum weight of 250kg. That may not sound like a lot of weight, but that’s roughly 39 stone (or approximately three men).

Bigger or heavier would be a half pallet, weighing in at 350kg and standing 1.1m tall, the base of the pallet remains the same as the quarter size above. A full pallet goes up to 2.2m high and a maximum weight of 1000kg. Of course, if your item was only half a metre tall but weighed 500kg you’d have to purchase a full pallet due to the weight, but the three choices do offer some savings where possible.

Sending your item via pallet makes it easier for your delivery service to handle large, heavy or awkwardly shaped items as it is moved around by the pallet you’ve attached it to. Your item should be smaller than the pallet itself, to allow easy access for forklifts whilst protecting your item from damage. You will need to properly secure and then protect your item for transit following the specifications of the delivery service you’ve chosen. It’s worth noting that international deliveries require specific pallet types due to restrictions on untreated wood.

If you’re sending multiple items, try having a play to work out the best configuration on your pallet. You may find a way to reduce your costs by stacking for a quarter or half pallet instead of full size. Of course, finding the right delivery service is key too, so why not take advantage of DQC’s online form to start receiving free low cost quotes from registered pallet delivery companies.

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