5 Top Tips on Preparing your Motorbike

Courier companies can take a lot of the pain out of transporting your motorbike. They will take you to step by step through the process, give you a quote and arrange a time and place for pick-up and delivery.

However, if you are enlisting a motorbike transportation company’s services, you will also need to make sure that your motorcycle is ready for the road. Here are the top five tips for getting your motorbike ready for transporting.

1. Give it a good clean

Cleaning your motorbike before transporting is a good way to see any scratches or marks. This is important because any that you find can be documented, and that means if you spot any new ones when it has reached its destination, you will know that it has been damaged in transit.

Removing dust and dirt can also prevent any damage during transportation and help to preserve your paintwork. Untreated dirt can get into parts of your bike’s engine while it is being transported, so it’s always best to tackle it beforehand.

2. Check tyre pressure

No matter what method you use to transport your motorcycle, you must check the tyres are properly inflated. If you are having the bike ridden by a courier, this will contribute to a smoother ride and reduce puncture risk.

Even when motorbikes are being transported by trailer, under-inflated tyres can make them harder to move and secure properly. This can mean that more force is needed to pull the trailer, which means more fuel is needed.

3. Remove fluids

Removing fluids from your motorbike before it is transported can prevent any leaks en route. You should drain any oil from the bike and remove any petrol too. Leaks can not only damage your bike; they can also cause damage to the trailer of the courier company, and you may be liable for the cost of this.

If you are not having your bike transport on a trailer, and instead, the courier is riding it to your destination, you should not drain the petrol from it. However, you should check for any leaks on the bike before the courier sets off. 

4. Remove additional fittings

If you have any additional fittings on the bike, it’s a good idea to remove them before transporting them. Items such as storage boxes, panels or accessories should be taken off to prevent them from coming loose during transportation. This can cause damage your bike and the trailer, and lose items can also be a danger to other road users.

5. Check all your paperwork is in order

Depending on where you are having your motorbike transported to, you may require specific documentation. This may be the case if your bike is being shipped abroad. Even deliveries within the UK may require some form of documentation. 

Have all paperwork ready when the courier arrives at the arranged pick-up time as time wasted trying to dig it out could delay delivery and may end up costing you more.

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