5 Best Rest Stops In The World

For every trucker one of the most important things on any road trip is rest stop accessibility. No trucker wants to spend any longer on the road than he has to before his next break.

Fortunately, not every rest stop in the world is limited to just fuel, food, and toilets. Some are a little more creative, providing not only a place to lay your head. Make sure rest stops are marked on the map before your next road trip, and try to include one or two of this lot we have for you!


If you suffer from aches and pains from hours upon end behind the whell, The Highlands Petro Truck Stop in Racine, Wisconsin has a dedicated chiropractor on hand to help. As well as dedicated parking and sleeping areas, the rest stop also has restaurants and showers.




The Jubitz Travel Plaza in Portland, Oregon is practically a holiday destination in itself. Visitors can opt to sleep in a hotel instead of in their trucks, dance the night away in the Ponderosa Lounge, or even take time out to watch a movie. The rest stop also houses a laundry service, a medical office and even a Deli. If you have a pocket full of change why not go and have some fun with it in the arcade!



The Ayer Keroh Truck Stop in Maleka, Malaysia allows jungle travelers from all over the world need to take a few minutes and kick back. The raised walkways from the suspended truck stop allow visitors to explore the jungle while the Muslim prayer room gives others a place to explore their faith.



The world’s largest truck stop is the Iowa 80 Truckstop in Walcott, Iowa. They say that over 5,000 truckers visit this stop every single day, with parking for 800 at a time. Restaurants, showers, and a relaxing lounge are only the beginning.
Truckers can stop and get their hair cut, or even visit a dentist! The stop also features the Iowa 80 Trucking Museum for those who want to understand the art of truck driving. If you time your visit you can be a part of the Truckers Jamboree, hosted at the stop every year.


South of the Border, located in Dillon, South Carolina, is more than a simple rest stop. Tourists from all over flock to this incredible stop on their way to their holiday destinations. The stop includes restaurants, amusement park rides, souvenir shops, and a mini-golf course!  You can even get married in Pedro’s Pleasure Dome! Take your pick of the great variety of restaurants, or spend the night in the gigantic motel. South of the Border has almost everything you could ever dream a rest stop might have!

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