Would you like to start moving vehicles for a living?

Gone are the days where you can only purchase a second-hand vehicle locally. With sites like eBay people now purchase vehicles nationally and internationally.

This has led to a huge increase in people requiring vehicle transportation services.

single car transporter for vehicles

DeliveryQuoteCompare have 100’s of vehicles listed daily and we’re always looking for new transport companies to move them.

Interested? Then you’re probably wondering where to start?

Well, first you’ll need to register as self-employed for tax purposes.



Next, you’ll need to decide the type of vehicle you want to use.
If you’re only wanting to move one vehicle at a time you can either use a dual-purpose vehicle such as a 4×4 and trailer, or a single car transporter.4x4 towing a trailer

Things to consider are the type of vehicles you want to transport, small hatchbacks and most family cars can legally be transported using the above two vehicles.



The rules concerning towing vehicles however can be slightly confusing to say the least.
According to VOSA you may require an operator’s licence and tachograph when operating for “hire and reward” purposes.



It’s important that you check you’re operating legally when transporting vehicles, VOSA carry out spot roadside checks and if you’re found to not be operating within the law you could face a large fine and possible impounding of both your vehicle and the customers you are transporting.


 What about recovery vehicles?

Car transporterRecovery vehicles can be exempt from operator licencing. If you operate a recovery truck and collect a broken-down vehicle you’re most likely to be exempt.
However if the same vehicle is used to transport a non-disabled car from one garage forecourt to another, would be classed as a haulage operation, despite what the towing vehicle might look like. Such a journey would fall within the scope of “carriage of goods for hire or reward” and will probably require on operator’s licence.




As the legislation surrounding recovery vehicles can be somewhat confusing. It’s always best to check with VOSA, it’s your responsibility to make sure you operate within the guidelines.


I’m using a trailer what type do I need?

This would depend on many factors, types of vehicles you’re wanting to transport being the main one to consider.

Most second-hand car buyers are happy for their new purchase to be transported on an open trailer, however if the car is a classic covered transport may be required.

Then there’s vehicle size, for small light vehicles you may go for a single or double axel trailer or you might opt for a tri axel for larger moves.

car on trailerRemember larger trailers weigh more, this impacts what you can transport when operating for “hire and reward” purposes.

You’ll also need to consider how you’ll get the vehicle on the trailer, if it drives then ramps or a beavertail trailer will be fine. If you’re collecting non-runners, you’ll need to invest in a winch.



You’ll also need to secure the vehicle on the trailer, special ratchet straps are available.

https://www.theratchetshop.com/ratchet-straps/vehicle-recovery-sets.htmlratchet straps







What about insurance?

When transporting customer vehicles, you’ll want to make sure the customers vehicle is covered in your care.

You’ll need your own special policy even if the customer has the vehicle insured already.

There are various types from Motor Trade to Goods in Transit that covers vehicles.

Depending on your chosen method of transport you may even require both.

Always check with your insurer to make sure you have the correct cover in place.


Ready to go as a vehicle transporter?

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