Finding A Trustworthy Man and Van

urlSometimes, all you need is a man with a van. Moving apartment? Man with a van! Moving some furniture? Man with a van! But finding a man with a van that’ll get all your stuff from A to B without breakages or, worse case scenario, stealing it can be a little harder to guarantee. So here’s our top five tips on how to spot the perfect man (with a van) for you.

1. Use an online company like Delivery Quote Compare to find local men with vans in your area, and let them come to you with quotes. Companies have to pay to use the service, meaning you’ll only get bids from men with vans who are serious about their business and can offer a reliable and trustworthy service.

2. Use the customer review section to check that the company’s sending you quotes are actually reliable and offer great customer service. All companies are rated by users, so you’re getting accurate feedback based on their experiences.

3. Back up the reviews and ratings with online research. Search for reviews on your man with a van choices elsewhere online, a quick web search should bring up forums, information and website for the company if one exists. See what other people elsewhere are saying about your choice before hiring.

4. Check that your chosen man with a van has the appropriate insurance coverage for your items, particularly if they’re expensive, antique or heirloom. Double check the small print for liability issues, make sure that you can claim compensation should anything go wrong. Anyone trustworthy will have the liability for given scenarios clearly laid out, with details on compensation available freely.

5. Fill out our form as completely and accurately as possible, it’ll help provide you with quotes that are unlikely to drastically change once you do have all the relevant information. Remember, cheap does not necessarily mean good, so don’t automatically go for the cheapest option available to you. If there are no recommendations, either on DQC or online elsewhere, then ask for references or, at the very least, to check their van out before hiring. Knowing the state of their vehicle will inform you how well your item(s) will be treated and protected whilst in transit.

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