What is pallet delivery?

A pallet, also known as a skid, is a flat transport structure that supports goods while being lifted by a forklift or pallet jack. It acts as the structural foundation for a secured load of multiple goods and due to the ease of transportation pallet delivery is regarded as a highly efficient and cost effective method of handling, transporting and storing goods, which is why it is the preferred delivery method of many businesses.

Pallet delivery involves placing goods or containers on a pallet; securing them using strapping, stretch wrap or shrink wrap; and transporting them to their destination. Pallet delivery companies tend to use wooden pallets as standard, but they may also use plastic or metal pallets if they are more suited to a particular consignment or method of transport.

Businesses often use pallet delivery services because they simplify the handling and storing of goods. Most pallets can easily carry a load of 1,000 kg, so they make the movement of heavy stacks much easier. Pallet delivery companies often provide warehousing too, which eliminates the need to negotiate prices with multiple companies.

Although pallet delivery is popular with businesses, it can also be an economical way of transporting goods for non-commercial purposes. If you have a large item or multiple large items, you will probably find that a courier will struggle to lift your goods. Large, heavy items are likely to fall outside of most courier companies’ standard size and weight regulations, so you will require a specialist pallet delivery service. Pallet delivery will ensure that your goods are moved safely and kept in good condition during the transportation process.

Using an online marketplace such as DeliveryQuoteCompare.com makes it easier to find a pallet delivery service for a competitive price. Simply enter the dimensions of your goods and the collection and delivery details, and you will receive instant quotes from pallet delivery specialists.

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    Pallet Distribution is only a part of our logistic solutions which comprises national delivery services, including full, part and pallet-load transport.

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