What About Electric Vans for Couriers?

Did you know that before we started using combustion engines, some of the first vehicles ever invented ran on electricity? The first ever was made towards the end of the 19th century and could reach a whopping, wait for it, 14 miles per hour. Still, it was quite an accomplishment back then.

If only we had stuck to the idea of electric vehicles. Maybe the world would look a whole lot different today…

Why Use Electric Vans?

Electric vehicles are said to be the future of the motor industry. Scores of criticism has unfolded on combustion engine vehicles due to the damage they do to the planet. They not only contribute to global warming, but the fumes that pollute the air are also bad for our health. Not to leave out the noise pollution that comes from combustion engine vehicles.

Electric vehicles can be the solution to all of these problems. By using electricity, these vehicles run on renewable energy rather than fossil fuels. They are better for the planet, our health and they are quieter.

Some people believe they may be too quiet and cause more accidents involving pedestrians hard of hearing, but that is not likely to be true. In fact, a large percentage of noise generated from a vehicle comes from the tyres and we are not likely to suffer significantly more accidents because of electric vehicles.

Why Couriers Could Adopt Them First

The biggest issue facing widespread adoption of electric vehicles is how to charge them. The number of charging points are few and far between even in most developed countries – and installing a charging point at home is not always financially feasible.

When electric cars cannot travel as far and have fewer recharging options, it is easy to see why many will not want to choose an electric vehicle just yet. But maybe delivery and courier services could be one of the first to embrace electric vehicles?

Unlike everyday drivers, delivery companies run a network of vehicles over specific locations. With the accurate logistics and investment into their own charging points, couriers could be some of the use to make practical use of what is currently an unpractical design for most.

Do Couriers Already Use Electric Vans?

Some courier services have already adopted a number of electric vans within their fleet. One global courier brand, DPD, have recently ordered 100 electrical vans to add to their arsenal. But these are no ordinary electric vehicle either. Their order comprises of vans weighing 3.5 tonnes. Despite their colossal weight for an electric vehicle, DPD state that they will be able to travel 70 miles before needing to recharge.

It is likely that these will be used for local London courier deliverers rather than nationwide or continental transportation.

The Future of Electric Vehicles

More businesses are expected to latch onto the trend of electric vehicles. One benefit of this is to highlight their brand as a company that cares about the planet. In today’s markets, being environmentally considerate can go a long way to attracting and maintaining a customer base. All businesses may be forced to own electric vehicles one day, with multiple governments declaring that they have plans to make combustion engines illegal in the near future.

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