5 Tips to Keep Your Van in Working Order

Mechanical fixes and vehicle maintenance can be costly. Sometimes they are unavoidable and it’s just bad luck. But other times you can prevent having to visit your local garage just by looking after your van in the right way. Give it the care and attention it deserves to save money on the go.

Everyone should be looking after their vehicle, but it is even more essential for those that rely on their van for work. If you are a courier in London, a plumber in Melbourne or another person with a van, here are some top tips to keep your van in working order.

Tip #1: Start Your Drive with a Walkaround

You should try to get into a habit before jumping in the van and starting your day, even if you are late and in a hurry. Just by walking around the van before getting inside, you can identify potential issues and spot things that could be costly. Things to look at include:

Tip #2: Check Tyres Frequently

Speaking of your tyres, these can become damaged and dangerous in an instant. You will spot any major concerns by doing the van walkaround, but general tyre maintenance should also be completed. Look for any cuts or bulges on the tyre, as well as its pressure and tread. Specific tyre checks should be done every two weeks for the average van owner, but if you carry heavy loads in your van and use it for work, you should carry out a weekly inspection.

Tip #3: Book Regular Services

Just because you are an exemplary van owner does not mean you are free from regular vehicle servicing. You should make an appointment with a trusted garage to check your van every year. You may want to do this more frequently if you drive more than 10,000 miles every 12 months.

Tip #4: Van Security Is Essential

It is estimated that a van is broken into every 23 minutes in the UK. When they break-in, windows and doors usually get damaged beyond repair.

The reason why vans are a prime target is because that usually hold expensive tools owned by tradesmen. Losing these tools can put businesses and livelihoods at risk, which means your van needs to be secure – even if it has no tools inside.

There are special products that can make your van secure, but you should also not leave it unlocked while working and make sure it is in your view at all times if possible.

Tip #5: Don’t Forget Van Insurance!

No matter how good you are in maintaining your van, things can still go wrong. These unlucky circumstances are out of our control, but we can still prepare for the worst. You can now buy tailored van insurance which is aimed to help van owners. Moreover, look out for insurance that will give you a replacement van while yours is being fixed, especially if you offer courier services or are working in construction and need a van to do your job.

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