Top ten tips for Transporters working with Delivery Quote Compare (Part 2)

The previous half of this list focused on getting jobs using This half focuses on what to do after you have succeeded in getting the work you want. These tips will help you in continuing to get work at a good rate.


If you missed the last blog post, click here to check it out.


  • Make the best of a bad situation

Of course, the last thing you or the customer wants is a bad job being done. But if the worst happens, keeping the customer in the loop should be a priority. If they don’t know what’s going on they’ll start getting disgruntled. However, doing all you can to save the job and keeping the customer informed will reap rewards. You get repeat customers, good reviews on your profile and recommendations.


  • Get customer reviews

After the work is done customers can leave reviews and potentially recommend transport companies. It’s no harm to ask them to do this. If they give a positive endorsement, then other people will be more persuaded to use your service. This cycle will make your business look better and better with every positive review.


  • Leave a way for them to contact you

A repeat customer is essentially secured pay for your work. If you give them a business card or flyer with your details on them they can contact you directly. This makes theirs and your lives easier since they can contact you directly. Also, with your contact details, if anyone they know has a job needs doing they can give their friends the direct details to reach your company.


  • Keep at it

You can’t get every job you bid on, there is a lot of competition out there. However this isn’t a reason to stop trying, as soon as you get one it becomes easier to get more business. This is especially true if you follow the other tips here.


  • Service with a smile

Easily the simplest of these tips, service with a positive attitude is surprisingly effective. If you are happy to be there then the customer will be happy to have you there. This gives them a better experience which can lead to better reviews. is a great service to use for your transport company. These tips offer advice that can help you make the most of what the site has to offer.

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