Ten tips for Transporters working with DQC (Part 1)

DQC tipsThere are a lot of courier companies out there, and there are even more potential customers. Using DeliveryQuoteCompare.com is a great resource for getting consistent work. However there is a lot of competition out there. Here are our top ten tips for getting the most out of our website.


  • Get a proper User name

A silly username is fun among friends and family. However, when you’re creating an account for your business a silly username won’t convey the proper professionalism or trustworthiness to your customers. The tips here are to simply use the name of your company to show the customer how serious you are about your work.


  • Keeping your profile up to date

One of the selling points of Delivery Quote Compare is that customers when making their decision can look at profile pictures for every company. Keeping this profile as up to date as possible will allow you to sell yourself as well as you can. This can give your more opportunities for getting jobs.


  • Get your bids in fast

Some tips may not be always easy to follow. However submitting bids as fast as you can is a good way to get jobs away from competition. Customers want their problem dealt with as quickly as possible. The first companies that put their bids in are the ones the customer will be looking at most. If you wait a few days, the customer may have already made their choice.


  • Filling out your bid

There is an ‘additional information’ box when submitting a bid. You can use this to answer any questions you can expect from customers. This gives the customer peace of mind but also speeds up the process for both sides as they don’t have to contact you with a long list of questions. It also shows that you know what you’re doing, which is a good look to have.


  • Respond to your messages

One of the most important tips we can give is to respond to customers whether they call or email. It seems simple, but a surprising amount of companies don’t, and it’s very effective.


Often it’s not the lowest bidder that wins the job. Customers more often look for value with a good service, starting with a strong first impression is a good way to get that across.


Look here for Part 2 of our top ten tips.

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