Using courier delivery for the first time

Courier delivery is fast, and many companies offer same-day collection to people who book early. For urgent deliveries, courier companies are often the most economical choice.


Parcels are often thrown around in transit, and poor packaging can invalidate compensation claims and postal insurance, so be very careful when packaging goods. Breakable items should be wrapped tightly in bubble wrap. Screwed up newspaper can also be used as padding. Many courier companies have a list of items that they will not deliver, so you should leave your box open for inspection by the courier on collection. Take a photograph of the item as proof of condition.


When getting a quote, be sure to measure and weigh your parcel accurately. If your parcel is bigger or heavier than stated, you may incur an additional charge from the courier company. Additionally, a parcel that exceeds size restrictions may not fit in the sorting machines at the courier company’s depot. You may require a specialist large item courier if your parcel weighs over 31.5kg, as Health & Safety guidelines state goods of this weight should be carried by two or more people.

Booking form and insurance

The courier company will ask you to complete a booking form for your parcel. This can often be completed online or downloaded and printed out. A form that is not filled in properly will invalidate a compensation claim.  Ensure the courier has sufficient insurance to cover the cost of your item. Additional insurance coverage is usually available for a small surcharge if you are concerned about the standard coverage offered. Economy courier companies often carry easily breakable items on a ‘no compensation’ basis only.

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