Top Tips For Sending Furniture by Courier

Couriers are useful for many things: urgent deliveries, transportation of delicate goods or sensitive documents. But they’re also good for sending the odd piece of furniture. Of course, there are a few ground rules you need to follow to ensure that your delivery is hassle free, but as a means of transporting large or bulky items such as furniture delivery, then couriers are your best choice.

You need to protect your item as best you can. Bubblewrap and cardboard sheeting are great for smaller items; ensure you protect any corners or sharp edges and cover as much of the object as you can, you need to make sure your item is protected against knocks and bangs whilst in the van. If you’re transporting items such as a sofa or wardrobe, something large and unwieldy that you’re unable to wrap yourself, contact the courier company before organising collection to check if they can provide blanket wrapping and strapping to protect your item when on the road.

Any item with moveable parts, such as drawers or doors, will need to be firmly taped or strapped closed to stop them coming loose while in transit and being broken. If you dismantle the item for flat packing then make sure you seal any screws and/or nails in a bag and attach it securely to your piece of furniture, preferably layered inside so it can’t fall off if it gets loose.

Once wrapped, take a note of the height, width and depth of your item; your courier is going to want to know what size vehicle to send and how much space it will leave for other deliveries. Check their policy for heavier items, they might require a driver’s mate or assistance to get it in to their van, and you may need to arrange someone to help at the other end.

All professional couriers include Goods in Transit insurance on top of their general road insurance, but it is essential you check the level of that insurance will cover the value of the items to be couriered. It may be possible to increase the level of cover for a small additional fee, just ask your courier service for advice.

Once you’ve got your item packaged, measured and clearly labelled, let us help you find the courier to deliver it for you. Hop on over to our courier section, input your requirements and let them bid for your business, ensuring you get the best deal out there.

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