School’s Out, So Pack Your Bags

Student removalsCongratulations, you’ve made it to the end of the school year. Now all you have to do is figure out how to get your stuff from your childhood home to your new Uni digs come the new school year. It may seem like an age away, but with everyone planning to move at the same time, those that may need a helping hand with their belongings should start putting plans in to place now. While most people will just try to stuff the family car so full they almost can’t fit themselves in, there are easier options and they needn’t be that expensive.

Although renting a van is the way most people choose to go if they can’t fit all their boxes in to the car, it does rather depend on you loading and unloading with only the help friends and family are willing to grace you. So why not think outside the box, it’s a useful skill to cultivate at uni. Transport services may seem like an expensive choice, but today’s market has many options available, and all at reasonable prices – especially for those who have the time to wait a while before moving or are flexible on their moving date.

Removal companies offer a variety of different services, from a simple transportation deal with you loading and unloading, to a full on pack and unpack premium extravaganza. The middle road is a group of professional people who will help you load the van, and then unload and carry your things inside at the other end. A godsend when travelling a long distance from your hometown, especially because you don’t have to drive the truck.

Alternatively, and more budget friendly, are man and van services. One man, one van. You don’t need to drive and you get help loading and unloading (nor do you have to spend the journey playing eye-spy with your parents). If you can find a man and van that has an empty vehicle making the trip back from a delivery, you can get an even lower price than normal. In fact, for lower prices all round on any of the transport services that will help you move why not check out Delivery Quote Compare. With just a few details about what you need to move and when, you can have customer rated companies bidding for your business, giving you great low prices. Just remember to include if you can be flexible in your moving date to help reduce costs. And don’t forget to pack your toothbrush.

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