Night-time deliveries planned for this year

THE LEADING price-comparison website for shipping, transportation and courier services,, has praised proposals for night-time delivery services as a “great idea”.

The free referral site, providing new business opportunities for logistics firms, said plans to relax curfews for night-time deliveries and reduce noise pollution could also help transport and pallet delivery companies cut carbon emissions.

They said that by bringing down road congestion, night-time deliveries could reduce a single lorry’s carbon emissions by as much as 300% based on the International Road Transport Union’s calculations.

The fact that deliveries would be quicker and more reliable, they added, may encourage customers to choose more economical delivery options over express solutions. is therefore keen to promote the campaign alongside other green business practices to its users, who range from couriers and road hauliers, to air freight and shipping transport providers.

Managing Director for, Daniel Parry, said: “This is a great idea from the FTA and DfT, who are members of the consortium overseeing the campaign.

“There is so much pressure on logistics and transport providers to reduce carbon emissions, however in my opinion, more needs to be done to help them achieve their goals.

“Plans to relax curfews for HGV drivers so that they can carry out some of their deliveries at night when the roads are quiet amounts to a big step in this direction.

“We will be raising awareness of the campaign to our users via the website and email alerts in the hope of gaining more support.”

The consortium for promoting night-time deliveries, the Quiet Demonstration Project Consortium, is set to establish the viability of quiet night-time deliveries at six quiet delivery demonstration trials in the coming months.

To make night-time delivery operations feasible and achievable for local authorities, they have developed a thorough set of guidelines and processes detailing how the scheme might work.

For more information on the plans to relax curfews for night-time deliveries contact:

Department for Transport:

Freight Transport Association:

Noise Abatement Society

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