Top Tips on Sending Unusual Items

unusual delivery itemsYou’d be surprised at the weird and wonderful things that sometimes get sent through the mail. Perhaps you won’t, perhaps you’ve sent some yourself. But if you’ve ever considered sending something a little less typical then there are probably a few things you should know.

When sending anything, be it domestically or internationally, the carriers you choose are required, by law, to follow certain rules on what they are and are not allowed to transport on your behalf. And it’s pretty much non-negotiable unless you have certain contracts that authorise you to handle dangerous goods, along with having all the safety requirements in place. For the likes of you and me that just means it’s not happening. Things on this list include dangerous or harmful substances, weapons, money (interestingly), live goods (puppies cannot be posted) and other things that are pretty common sensical in nature.

For all other unusual items, where there’s a will there’s a way. Firstly, you need to evaluate how big your item is. If it can be parcelled up, well that’s easy. If it’s too large to fit in a box then destination, budget, how quickly you need it, and overall size will help you narrow down your best choice. Sending items like gym equipment by pallet can be done, if it fits on a pallet. And as pallets come in a variety of sizes, and therefore costs, if it’s short but heavy you could end up paying less than you think.

Specialist couriers exist to transport those items others won’t touch. For example, that bottle of whiskey that Aunt Jen would love? May not be allowed through normal routes, but specialist couriers can and will (for a price) deliver your item regardless of how much it sloshes during transit. Just check the fine print for packaging requirements, as breakages may be non-refundable if due to a lack of packaging.

The same goes for sending high value items, some couriers won’t transport items such as antiques as their insurance won’t cover refunds due to loss, damage or theft. Some will transport them for you on the understanding that you cannot claim should anything happen to Great Uncle Thomas’ prized rocking chair that used to belong to the old Lord of the manor in 1556.

Man and van services make great alternatives, but be sure to select one you trust. Delivery Quote Compare has a large number of companies on our books, all customer rated to help you choose the one who’s not going to throw an old horse blanket over your prized antique lamps and chuck them in the back of the van before careening off down the motorway. Log on today for help moving your unusual items.

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