Can You Send A Frying Pan By Courier?

Of all the wonderful questions we receive, we thought we’d answer the most important, the most relevant, and the most pressing one today. For today is Pancake Day, and you have asked us if sending a frying pan by courier is acceptable.

Well, the short answer is yes. The long answer is still yes, but assumes your frying pan is, packaged and correctly labelled. Please don’t think about sending your frying pan, pancake included, either directly off the stove or cooled for an hour or two by the kitchen window where any old cat (or dog) can have a nibble. We’re almost sure you wouldn’t, but you’d be surprised what we get asked to transport.

As with Christmas, when there are yummy treats available, keep a spare for your hardworking courier. Just go easy on the lemon, as they might not like it. Personally we’re big fans of chocolate spread, but we don’t recommend sending a jar with your frying pan unless it’s swathed in bubble wrap to ensure no broken glass, scratched Teflon and a courier in tears.

And finally, make sure that your writing is legible and not scrawled whilst on a sugar high. Afterall, no one wants to spend Pancake Day with no frying pan.

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