Top 5 Sat Nav Voices

A survey of 1,000 motorists by the motoring website has revealed the most popular satnav voices to direct you to your destination. While some are performed by the people themselves, some of the voices have been provided by impersonators. Either way, these top 5 are sure to provide you with a laugh.


1. Brian Blessed

From his role as Vultan in the 1980 film Flash Gordon, Brian Blessed can be uploaded onto your satnav: ‘Drive, Hawkmen, drive!’ he shouts, once you have reached your destination he says ‘Gordon’s arrived!’


2. Homer Simpson

Available for your TomTom you could end every journey with: ‘Woohoo! You have reached your destination’



If you’ve ever secretly wished you were David Hasselhoff, then having KITT with you on your next journey might be just what you need. ‘After 300 metres take the motorway. Engaging super-pursuit mode’


4. Darth Vader


Will you follow the Dark Side? If the answer is yes, you will be told: ‘Turn around when possible. I find your lack of faith disturbing. Then, take the third left, sense your way’.



5. Roger Moore

TomTom says that Roger Moore offers ‘proper directions’ with his ‘distinctively warm voice’. ‘You have reached your destination. I’ve done my job. Roger and out’

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