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For our transporters, navigation is incredibly important. It allows them to transports goods around the country without knowing exactly where the destination is going to be beforehand. They travel thousands of miles each day and most use Satnavs to make their way. These devices are a great navigation aid that shows the path to any place and even point out road works. But over reliance is leading to people losing the ability to navigate without one, and people ending up in places they never wished to be is becoming more common. These tips help drivers and anyone else get to their destinations easier. Getting goods to where they need to be and avoid drivers becoming one of these “Satnav victims”.


Tip 1: Use a route planner


Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. When heading on a long journey the use of a satnav can cut down on long detours into the middle of nowhere. However before you get in your car it’s a good idea to use a route planner to avoid risk, several of which can be found online such as:

Map and compass


The use of these navigation aids will allow you to prepare for most outcomes on your journey. Offering traffic alerts and parking opportunities. Knowing where you’re going and how to get there before heading off will make navigating to your destination much easier.


Tip 2: Keep an eye out

Example road signs for navigation

A good piece of advice when driving at any time is to keep your eyes on the road. Using the signs given will make it simpler to navigate on motorways and town roads. These are especially useful if it is your first time navigating to your destination, after you know a safe way to go you can then try and find quicker or quieter ways if you need to go again.


Your Satnav may try to take you on a journey down a backroad instead of the one signposted. Your instinct is your best friend at times like this and proper road signs are always reliable.


Tip 3: Bring a map just in case.

Bringing up using a map brings about images of Mum and Dad arguing while halfway up a mountain road. But for navigating a paper map is still a very reliable tool in case your satnav leads you the wrong way. Unlike your phone or device a map doesn’t need charge or internet connection and cost around five to ten pounds. They are useful for planning as well; drawing the trip on after checking on a route planner means you have a manual back up of your trip.


Making sure yours is up to date is also important so there are no unpleasant surprises. Also, while satnav is more efficient than a fold-out map, if your technology happens to fail halfway to your destination having one will be a lifesaver.

Here’s one up to date maps you can buy right now:

Link to shop page

OS Route Map of Great Britain – £5.99







Tip 4: Sharpening skills of navigationCountry sign

Navigation is a skill you either have, or you don’t. However it is very easy to have, but also as easy to lose. Knowing basic ways to navigate around when nothing else works can save you getting lost in the busy streets of the city, or abandoned on the B-roads. Here are some small tips to help you out:

  • The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Checking the time and the suns current position will allow knowing which way to go on the map easier. Buying a compass helps too.
  • Stick to main roads. While back streets and alleys may be an adventure, main roads are easier to navigate and are often the fastest way to any location.
  • Pick a direction and stick to it. Getting turned around is the most common way of getting lost, so figure out which direction you need to go and try to stick to that direction as much as possible until you hit a main road, road sign, or your destination.


Satnavs are an incredible tool, but they aren’t magic. Like every device they can fail in several ways. Use these tips and the annoying times you find yourself stuck somewhere nowhere near your destination will go down in a huge way. Meaning no more apologising to your customer because your got lost on the way to their house, or explaining to your date why you didn’t show up on time. Using your own skill of navigation is vital in this day and age. Make sure you know which way you’re going.


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