The importance of offering your courier services to eBay customers

If you don’t already offer your services to eBay customers then you’re missing an opportunity.

As the economy remains unstable people are looking to eBay to find a bargain, whether that be a pair of designer shoes or a new dining table.

For larger items couriers play a big part in eBay – many sellers will list their items as ‘Pick Up Only’ which means that it is the buyer’s responsibility to arrange the courier collection and delivery of the item. It used to be that this meant buyers would only purchase the item if they were nearby and had the transport to pick it up. But bargain hunters often find a steal at the other end of the country that they just can’t refuse.

This is where comes in: Our website is eBay compatible, which means that it has successfully passed strict compatibility checks to enable us to work with the eBay platform. All customers have to is enter their eBay user ID and the item number and hey presto the details of the item are there for them to submit for quotes.

By signing up as a transport provider on you can take advantage of the growing number of eBay users looking for courier services.

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