Christmas Deliveries – Last postage dates for Christmas

Christmas Deliveries – Last postage dates for Christmas.Parcel Delivery

Having recently expanded our operation into Australia we’ve been looking at sending presents and packages between our offices. As it turns out we’re pretty much to late to send most things now.

To make sure you get your gifts sent to your nearest (possibly not nearest or you could just give them to them) the final postage dates for 2018 prior to Christmas are:


If you’re sending within the UK you can post 2nd Class up until the 18th and 1st Class giving you an extra couple of days until the 20th. After that you can use Parcelforce for an extra day and special delivery will take you up until the 22nd.


Outside of the UK you’ve pretty much missed the opportunity to send anything by economy but you can still send to most areas with dates available running up until 17th Dec for many regions.

Check with the post office for exact details here:

There are obviously other providers these days and many different routes to moving anything from a small wrapped present to spare parts for a sleigh.

Our transporters work right up to Christmas, to get a quote and book your transport visit our home page to get up to 75% off the cost of your deliveries.

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