Can I buy that eBay item? – collection and delivery

Want to buy on eBay but the item is miles away – get transport quotes to make sure you’re getting a bargain

fast quotes from real transporters and couriers

eBay is the world’s car boot sale with anything from mopeds to mops and sofas to shirts, bargains can be had turning other people’s excess into your next possession.

Too far away?

So, you see the item you want, bidding is low and only a few other people interested, however……… its listed as collection only! Often this is because it’s too big to post, unwieldy so difficult to package or just not offered. Well don’t be deterred, just because that sofa is 300 miles away doesn’t mean it can’t be complimenting your living room. We’re here to help with eBay collection and delivery.

First things first, you don’t want to buy the bargain of a life time only to find out that the cost of getting it to you far outweighs the saving you made. Using Delivery Quote Compare you can list the item details, free, from our home page and get real quotes from transporters that will give you a good guide of costs. It only takes 60 seconds to list and to make life easier you can import the details direct from eBay.


If the item you’re bidding on is small, you may be better using a courier company instead of a transporter to save you more money, for smaller items we recommend:

Both can provide you with instant, online quotes before you commit to bidding on your items.


If you’re bidding on cars or motorbikes you’ll often find these are all around the UK and will always need transport, again you can import the details into Delivery Quote Compare for real quotes from car and motorcycle transporters. Prior to arranging the transport check out our vehicle guides here:

Motorcycle moves safe and secure ebay collection

Transporting a motorcycle

How to transport cars and other vehicles ebay collection

Car transport 10 Tips

eBay is a great site for getting a bargain and getting real quotes from transporters will let you know that it is a bargain. The same applies for all auction sites like Gumtree or free sites like Freecycle.

Good luck with you bidding, for advice on the best way to use eBay money saving expert have a great page about it here:



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