The Cheapest Way Of Sending Items Via Courier

url-2Did you know there’s absolutely no need to pay full price for a courier? While Delivery Quote Compare can help you find low prices, there is a way to get even lower prices quoted and it’s surprisingly easy.

If your item isn’t urgently required then consider sending it via back or return loads, especially if budget is a major concern. A back or return load is something couriers try to organise to fill their potentially empty vehicles when returning from deliveries to base. By organising paying jobs on the return journey as well as the departing journey, companies are maximising time and money while minimising wasted travel. Better yet, such deliveries are usually cheaper as courier companies use lower costs as an incentive to fill their return journeys.

The only downside to using back or return journeys for your deliveries is that it can take longer for your item to get to its destination. Back journeys don’t necessarily allow specification of a delivery time or date, as couriers may hold on to items to fill all their return journeys, and as a result may not be travelling close to your delivery address for a couple of days. But as long as you can afford to wait you can save a surprising amount of money on your courier, and finding a back or return journey couldn’t be easier with Delivery Quote Compare, just fill out all your details on our handy online form and ensure you specify that your delivery dates are flexible.

Our site allows for registered couriers to compete for your business, giving you great low prices and reliable companies to choose from. By entering as much information as possible, including your need for your item to be delivered on a return or back journey, the only couriers who will contact you with a quote are those who are prepared to fulfil your requirements, with a cost to match. Be sure to check through the customer reviews for each company offering you quotes, reviewed and rated by previous users, you’ll be able to determine which company will work best for your needs. Once you’ve decided on your company and quote, confirm with them your details and pat yourself on the back for a job well done and money saved!

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