DQC Pledge To Do Their Bit For The Environment

Monday 5th March 2012

With Governments worldwide under pressure to reduce their carbon emissions and an increase in legislation sure to be on its way, working towards making your business as environmentally friendly as possible isn’t just about pipping the next Bill to the post, but also makes good business sense. Delivery Quote Compare are committed to helping businesses in the transportation sector reduce their wasteful carbon emissions by making it easy to find return loads.

The success of any business depends on its ability to maximise its productivity, particularly when the economic climate is making it difficult for smaller businesses to stay afloat. But with consumers demanding eco-friendly products, those in the courier and parcel delivery services can be caught out. By ensuring you have pick ups booked in on the return journey, you can maximise your productivity, ensure your fuel costs are being spent on paying loads and reduce the number of empty vehicles on the road.

Delivery Quote Compare is an online organisation that uses price comparison methods to match companies with the transportation requirements of the general public or other businesses. Free to use, with no monthly fees, courier companies can register and bid for return journeys at no cost to themselves. Once their bid is accepted a small, one-off success fee will be charged, making finding return loads easy, cost effective and frustration free. Delivery Quote Compare are committed to facilitating as many return journeys as possible, offering a no win no fee solution to many courier companies problem.

Managing Director, Daniel Parry, says “We are focusing on encouraging as many companies as possible to arrange return loads, not only to help reduce their profitability but also to ensure the environmental impact of the industry remains as low as possible. With customers now actively searching for eco-friendly products and services, it’s our intention to partner as many return journeys with pick ups as possible.”

URL – https://www.deliveryquotecompare.com/


To find out more about Delivery Quote Compare please contact Hannah Swift ([email protected]) / 07824 388 196)

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deliveryquotecompare.com is the quick and easy way to receive competitive delivery quotes free of charge and without obligation whether you require a courier, shipping, haulage, removals, transporter, or air freight quote, simply complete our online form and start receiving quotes from 100’s of registered transport providers.

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